One of the most effective ways you can protect your home from the harsh Australian summer and the heat that comes with it is to install awnings on the outside of your window. Although there are a number of very good window furnishings for the inside, the key is to stop the sun before it heats up the glass, which in turn heats up the air inside. As an added bonus this will help you save money on your energy bills as you won’t be working the air conditioning so hard. Awnings are perfect for providing privacy for the home, while adding elements of style to your exterior.

Types of Awnings

Automatic awnings

Automatic awnings are a functional and easy way to guard your windows from the weather outside. With a simple twist and lift mechanism, these fittings can be safely set to a wide range of desired positions. As with all the awnings here, there is a wide range of durable fabrics to choose from including sunscreens, acrylics and canvases.

The arms are installed off the walls, allowing for refreshing air flow to enter your home while blocking out the heat from outside, saving on your energy bills. The automatic awnings are best suited to ground floor windows, as they are adjusted from the outside, but can easily be maintained with an extended pole for a second storey window.

Pivot arm awnings

Pivot arm awnings are a flexible choice that are great for protecting exposed windows from harsh sun rays. They can be operated internally or externally, and have the option of being motorised for extra convenience. These awnings are ideal for second storey or third storey windows and encourage airflow. While they are less resilient to extreme wind conditions, the pivot arm awning still provides quality protection for a relatively low price. There are a wide range of design options available to suit any outdoor aesthetic.

Cord and pulley verandah straight drop awnings

Create a comfortable, sheltered space for your veranda or deck with a cord and pulley verandah straight drop awning. This option is perfect for shielding your outdoor space from the sun and rain. Designed for ease of use, the fitting can be hoisted up through pulling a cord. There are multiple options for fastening the bottom rail, including straps, clips, and saddles. The cord and reel straight drop awning is also available in a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit your needs.

Multistop channel guides

The multistop channel guide is a sleek, modern awning designed to be fitted in between veranda posts or on exposed windows. This awning can stop at any point you wish up and down the window, giving you ultimate control over the level of sun exposure. The spring operated roller uses channels on either side, allowing smooth vertical movement up and down the frame. Simply twist the bottom rail to lock the awning into place. The fabric remains taught and looks exceptionally neat.

Straight drop awnings

Blend the outdoor with the indoor by installing a simplistic straight drop awning. This awning has a wide range of installation options. Think of a giant roller blind with attachments on the bottom and you’d be pretty close to what this product is. This awning is smooth to operate — simply pull down the bottom rail and attach its bottom rail fittings to the floor, the wall, or a concrete pad. The straight drop awning also comes with the option of a head box to protect the fabric.

Cable guide awnings

Similar to the straight drop, the cable guide provides your outdoor space with a sense of comfort and protection from the elements. This fitting comes complete with stainless steel guiding wires and rust proof brackets — increasing the durability of the awning, adding fluidity to its movement, and keeping it secure from gusts of wind. The cable guide awning ticks the boxes in functionality and style. For extra convenience, you may like to add wind censors, WiFi Controllers, and timers.

Zipscreen blinds

Create modern, comfortable outdoor spaces with the Zipscreen blind, a guided awning system that is ideal for residential and commercial use. With almost complete sealing, this fitting will not only keep out harsh weather conditions, but insects too. The Zipscreen blind comes with a side retention system that helps keep the fabric secure in its channels and ensures fluid movement. It can be operated through motorisation, traditional crank, or manually by hand. This awning is available in a number of different fabric designs, to suit any exterior aesthetic. Zipscreens come with the options of partial or fully extruded aluminum headboxes which enhances the overall look and protects the fabric when the awning is up.

Folding arm awnings

Folding arm awnings deliver optimal functionality and exceptional aesthetics. The mechanisms are designed with hinged arms so the awning can extend over a veranda, deck, or patio to provide shade, and fold compactly when not in use. Folding arm awnings can be operated manually or with a motorised system, and have options for wind or rain censors which allow the canopy to automatically retract if left out in bad weather protecting your awning and surrounding areas from damage. This awning can be installed with a number of different weather-durable fabrics and designs, and is adaptable to both modern and traditional exteriors provided the fixing points are sturdy enough to handle the weight.