Roman Blinds

Roman blinds create a look with a difference. If you’re looking for a blind that you just want to blend in, this is probably not the option for you. As opposed to a roller blind that you can make fade into the background, Roman blinds are something you’re more likely to create a feature with wow factor out of.


Roman blinds can be made from most of the extensive range of patterns, plains and textures available in the roller blind selection. This gives you the flexibility of blockouts for privacy and darkness, translucents for privacy and light, and sunscreens for daytime privacy while keeping the view through your window. One of the great things about Roman blinds is it doesn’t stop there, because they can also be made from curtain fabrics which makes the choices endless. This also enables coordination with curtains creating a look that compliments itself.


Something to consider when looking at Roman blinds as an option is the stacking height. Although they can be installed inside the reveal, doing this can cover a large portion of the window which will limit the amount of light coming in and view looking out. Installing well above the window will eliminate these problems and can also make the room feel more spacious. This is similar in principle as floor to ceiling curtains giving the illusion of extra height in a room. The joins on the folds in Roman blinds can easily be coordinated with the same joins in the fabric on panel glides which may be more practical when installing on sliding doors. The joins with some of the fabrics can also be covered with timber battens to give a sleek oriental look.


Roman blinds can make use of cord lock, chain loop, or motorisation. All of these are done to Australian standards which include child safety regulations.


As with most soft furnishings, regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your new blinds. A regular run over with a feather duster will keep them looking fresh for years to come. A light vacuum with an upholstery brush is also recommended. There is a lot of fabrics available in the marketplace today which all have different densities and like clothes are made from different fibres. Each of these have their own manufacturers cleaning instructions that should be followed. Failure to do so may result in damaged or shrunken window furnishings which no longer fit when you go to put them back up. It’s always advisable with any cleaning method to test it on a small less noticeable corner of the product.