Many people think of pelmets as being an unnecessary extra when it comes to their blinds and curtains, however, pelmets can not only add to the look and feel of the room but all that also the functionality. They can assist in cutting down on airflow from behind your curtains or blinds as well as hiding brackets, tracks and other fixtures that you don’t want to see.

Linear Valances

Although using a linear valance is not essential, there are certainly a number of different times when it will give you a much nicer finish for a relatively low cost. Often when using a textured or patterned roller blind fabric in a face fit situation where you may be able to see the back of the fabric on the roller, installing a linear valance will hide what could otherwise spoil the overall look of the blind. Another common use for linear valances is when you have installed panel glides on a large window requiring a very wide track. The track is usually not something you want to be a feature, so covering it with a linear valance will give a much tidier finish. An insert of the same fabric used on the blind can be put in the front of the linear valance so everything ties in together.

Pelmets Curtains, Blinds & Shutters - Gamble Curtains & Blinds
Pelmets Curtains, Blinds & Shutters - Gamble Curtains & Blinds

Box Pelmets

Box pelmets can be used in pretty much all the same situations as linear valances, however, this is where functionality starts to be introduced. Where linear valances are just the face part of the pelmet that you can see, box pelmets usually have a top. Although this can’t be seen, it has two quite important functions. Firstly, it will stop dust from landing on the top of your blinds. In the case of roller blinds this can over time leave a dirty stripe across your blind when it is pulled down, particularly if dusting is not something that has been done regularly. Secondly, this will help with insulating your room cutting down on the amount of hot or cold air escaping from between your blinds and the hot or cold glass of your windows depending on what time of year it is.

Padded (upholstered) Pelmets

If luxury with your own personalised wow factor combined with energy efficiency is what you’re looking for, padded pelmets will add something special to your property. These are more commonly used in a combination with curtains. The extra wall coverage of the blockout curtains mixed with padded pelmets results in an excellent insulation barrier between the extremes of the Australian elements and the comfort inside your room. That said, the endless choices of fabrics available to make padded pelmets from can help you create anything from the more traditional to a contemporary or playful kind of look when combined with blinds.
Pelmets Curtains, Blinds & Shutters - Gamble Curtains & Blinds

Swags and Tails

These are the ultimate in decorative opulence. If you want your window furnishings to be the main feature of any room, swags and tales were certainly go a long way towards doing that. At first glance these may seem like a more traditional style from days gone by. However, with the use of different textures and weights of fabric Including everything from lighter sheer fabrics through to heavier velours combined with different trims, swags and tails can give you a uniquely indulgent look that fits in with today’s window fashions.